Multithreading in iPhone 5 has made it possible to use multiple apps which can be swiped using the iPhone's Multi Touch Screen. And what is new with the iPhone's Game Center in iOS 5? Well, now it’s a social networking platform offering services ranging from multiplayer games to competing against your friends & also as a way to see friends of friends and getting game recommendations.

iPhone features the revised version of the “Mac OS-X” instead of using the whole OS. Since the iPhone applications vary by a massive extent, it seems logical that some changes in the platform had to be made too. And since Apple made both the hardware as well as the software for iPhone, it takes full advantage of the iPhone hardware features such as the GPS, accelerated graphics, multi – touch interface and more.

The OS – X makes it possible for the iPhone to be used in the business environment with its enterprise - ready features and powerful security. The OS protects the data by encrypting data at three different areas: during transmission, rest of the device and when backed up.

If I were to buy an iPhone, I would surely wait for the iPhone 5. The coolest new feature introduced with the release of iPhone 5 is the integration of application supporting the iCloud. It helps Apple and other supporting devices to automatically keep in sync with each other.

Specifications for the iPhone operating system have been explained in the iPhone forums.


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