iPhone Multimedia messaging feature allows user to send MMS/SMS. The new iPhone apps include some of the coolest features around, like the iPhone Airplay, which connects iPhone wirelessly to your HDTV and stream your favorite movies, music or snaps. iPhone allows streaming videos and allows user to watch movies and TV & also watch videos on YouTube. Another amazing feature is video calling from iPhone, which we have fantasized for decades.

The multimedia functionalities in an iPhone music library are different from the much known iPod with sections divided for various functions. With your iTunes account, music can be bought and downloaded straight to the iPhone. The iPod functionalities being maintained with the iPhone, the gadget enhances the sorting of the media library according to songs, artists, albums, videos, playlists, genres, composers, podcasts, audio books, and various compilations.

Now, with iPhone share photos with friends and family. The enhanced photo library shows the details and the pictures of the albums and the related pictographic depictions which makes the iPhone a more attractive gadget to have. Scrolling function is allowed on the screen by swiping a finger projecting a photo library for the same.

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