The iPhone browser experience has become faster, easier and much safer, with improved features included in the voice mail and better browsing capabilities. The iPhone mutli-touch interface has also improved the interaction with device. Pages can be zoomed in or out by just tapping the screen.

Latest iPhone features automatic syncing of emails and apps which has made it possible to check emails on the go. It also materializes the decade old dream of video calling between two iPhone 4 or even with iPod touch over Wi-Fi. Newer version acknowledges and also rectifies iPhone mail problems present in the previous versions.

With unified inbox, emails in iPhone can be accessed faster and more conveniently. Supported by POP3 and IMAP email systems, iPhone email security makes sure that the mails are kept safe. With an initiative from Apple- Google has applied to serving modified versions of the Google maps listings, which has been specifically generated for the use in iPhones which again uses a path breaking technology.

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