There are a lot of fun iPhone apps available over the internet. There are a lot of websites which offer free iPhone apps and also many paid ones. Apple iPhone app stores offer more than 425.000 apps in different categories. Developers keep making new iPhone apps which keeps Apple way ahead of its competition.

One of the coolest apps on iPhone is streaming YouTube videos. With streaming becoming a common aspect and moreover streaming being extremely easy and downloadable using Wi-Fi or EDGE after encoding them using QuickTime's H.264 codec.

With the new iPhone Game center, users can compete with friends and also as a way to see friends of friends and getting game recommendations. Additional fact to mention in the same league is the fact that the iPhone cannot install full mode applications from any other corporation except Apple. Installing any other application requires the creation of the same in Ajax or JavaScript to maintain device security.

The iPhone; as to mention: is known to lack in service of any type of Firewall- which is seen to be a big security threat. Though according to the Apple Incorporation, the presence of a Firewall is a mere show, the users and independent analysts: on their end- have expressed their concern about the absence of a security wall.

The list of Applications available on the iPhone includes:
• Google Maps
• Widget support
• iPod audio and video player
• Game Center
• HD Video Recording
• Multitasking
• Available calendar and to-do list
• Photo browser/editor
• Voice memory
• Integrated hands free

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